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Hannah Arendt Institute of Artivism will donate 10,000 dollars to the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Cuba


The “Hannah Arendt” International Institute of Artivism (INSTAR) announces the donation of 10,000 dollars to the victims of Hurricane Matthew’s path across the East of Cuba. The donation will reach victims through coordination with community leaders within Cuba who express their willing disposition, proposal for use, and guarantee that funds will reach those affected in the regions of Baracoa, Imías and Maisí.

Part of the administrative costs of the Institute have been designated for the creation of a solidarity fund that is allocated for social causes and humanitarian emergencies that take place in Cuba, and that on this occasion will be pledged to the victims of natural disasters. INSTAR will supervise the precise destination of this donation.

”We demand the establishment of a humanitarian pathway so that any organization, national or international, governmental or independent, can distribute this urgent help that thousands of Cuban families need today,” affirmed the organization through a recently emitted newsletter.

The activities of INSTAR, whose physical headquarters are located at Tejadillo 214, in the municipality of Old Havana, are carried out through three areas a wish tank, a think tank and a do tank, to which this gesture of solidarity pertains.

Initiated by Cuban artist Tania Bruguera and made possible through more than 900 founders and sponsors INSTAR is a democratic and equalizing project that utilized a crowd funding strategy to finance its first year of programming. The funds received through the Kickstarter platform are overseen by the organization Creative Time; their use and destination will be systematically published in detail on the INSTAR page after each transaction.

INSTAR for and by Cubans

“The primary motivation of the Hannah Arendt International Institute for Artivism (INSTAR) is to be a platform for socially engaged art, with the goal of putting Cuba’s future in the hands of Cubans. The moment to intervene as citizens through art and activism is now,” declares the initiator of the project, Tania Bruguera. “INSTAR is an institution that emerges from and for Cuban civic society. That’s the reason for its civic education and it’s activation in the public sphere – to promote freedom of expression in all areas of life – that’s the basis of its credo,” she defined.

“It’s not possible to speak of the future if Cubans’ opinions and their rights are not foregrounded, it’s not healthy for a society to think exclusively about economic improvement without thinking about a humanist ecology. It’s not healthy for us to think that the only destiny for Cubans is as consumers.”

The artist was detained on three occasions during 2015 after announcing #YoTambiénExijo (I Also Demand), a public performance in the Revolution Plaza of Havana, which caused more than 3000 artistic and cultural personalities, Cuban and foreign civil organizations, friends and citizens of diverse countries to sign the first letter that was directed to Cuban president Raúl Castro demanding the immediate freedom of the artist, and thereby generating a wave of international solidarity and accountability linked to human rights on the island. The artist, once freed, demanded the freedom of dozens of social activists who were also encumbered with “express detention.”

The work fought for the right of citizens to freely and peacefully express themselves for one minute, to respect the political and ideological diversity within Cuban society and to feel in command of their own destiny as a Nation.

#INSTAR Where your ideas become civic actions. Donde tus ideas se convierten en acciones cívicas.