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Articles on INSTAR

Rivard Report: Dissident Artist Funds ‘Artivism’ in Cuba, by Iris Gonzalez // July 2, 2016

The Guardian: The woman trying to change Cuba’s cultural landscape – and stay out of jail, by Hannah Ellis-Petersen // April 10, 2016.

Fast Company: This Cuban Artist Is Opening An Institute For Free Speech In Her Living Room. “Art can be a rehearsal of a different reality.” by Adele Peters // April 1, 2016

14 y Medio: Tania Bruguera bets on civic education for Cubans, by Maria J. Pentón // April 1, 2016.

Miami New Times: Cuban Artist Tania Bruguera Wants to Open the Institute of Artivism in Havana, by Alexandra Martinez // April 1, 2016

Diario de Cuba: Tania Bruguera surpasses the fundraising limit for the civic project seven days before the close of the campaign // March 31, 2016

Diario Las Americas: Tania Bruguera:  “Art is fundamental to the creation of civic literacy in Cuba” // March 31, 2016

ON CUBA: Miami Herald: What Cubans don’t know, and don’t know they don’t know, by Pablo Martinez Monsivais // March 31, 2016

El Nuevo Herald: Cuba, Art and Activism: Tania Bruguera gets ready to “transform ideas into civic actions” by Natacha Herrera // March 29, 2016

Artnet news: Christian Viveros-Fauné // March 25, 2016

Latina Lista: Crowdfunder: Controversial Cuban artist strives to bring civic literacy to Cuba // March 24, 2016.

NBC News: Voices: How Cuban Artist Tania Bruguera Is Defining ‘Artivism’, by Carmen Pelaez // March 24, 2016

Fusion: Art with a message: Cuban artist plans ‘Instituto of Artivism’ ahead of Obama’s historic trip, by Daniel Rivero // March 18, 2016

VICE, The Creators Project: Cuban Agitator Turns Crowdfunding into Performance Art // March 12, 2016

ARTnews: Nate Freeman // March 3, 2016

Interviews with initiator Tania Bruguera

Martí Notícias: Bruguera laments the apolitical character of Cuban society // July 25, 2016

Art Practical: Interview with Jeanne Gerrity (by Bad at Sports) // March 31, 2016

TV interview: Martí Notícias — video // bilingual transcript // March 17, 2016

PRI: Public Radio International — audio // transcript: Cubans ‘don’t understand … things like freedom of expression are things that belong to them’, by Joyce Hackel // March 17, 2016

European Alternatives (video) Tania Bruguera & Ségolène Pruvot discuss the founding of INSTAR

Radio interview: Tania Bruguera en Blanco y Trocadero — audio // bilingual transcript //  March 8, 2016

Press Releases

Tania Bruguera issued summons by Immigration hours before her departure // July 12, 2016

INSTAR is defined as a Cuban institution for and with Cubans // April 5, 2016

Institute of Artivism receives overwhelming international support // March 30, 2016

Tania Bruguera launches a campaign to open Institute of Artivism // March 17, 2016

Articles on INSTAR – other languages:

Serendipia (French): À L’INSTAR de Tania // March 18, 2016

ARTribune (Italian): Tania Bruguera cerca 100.000 dollari con il crowdfunding per il cambiamento politico. E invita gli attivisti e gli artisti di tutto il mondo a La Havana, by Santa Nastro // March 15, 2016